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Muziekschatten: Online Bladmuziekcollectie Muziekbibliotheek van de Omroep is a free interactive website featuring the treasures of the Muziekbibliotheek van de Omroep in Hilversum.

The collection contains nearly 6000 scores of classical, choral, and light and popular music. Users can download and print PDF files, and many of the entries are enhanced with sound recordings.

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A rediscovered Scottish folk manuscript

Renovations of Whittaker Library at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in 2000 involved dismantling a “robust but not particularly beautiful cupboard” and storing its contents—mostly old sheet music—for later inspection.

Entirely by chance, the librarian and scholar Karen McAulay discovered therein three manuscript collections of traditional Scottish flute tunes notated by one James Simpson. Her subsequent research enabled her to establish some details of Simpson’s identity, including his residences, occupation, and birth and death dates (1806–73).

This according to McAulay’s “From Dalfield Walk, Dundee, to Renfrew Street, Glasgow: The James Simpson manuscripts” (Brio XL/1 [spring-summer 2003] pp. 27–37). Above, Simpson’s notation of the Strathspey Maggie Lauder with variations.

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Sheet music consortium

An open collection of digitized popular sheet music from the eighteenth through the twentieth centuries, Sheet music consortium is hosted by the UCLA Digital Library Program, which provides an access service to sheet music records at the host libraries. Each of the over 100,000 entries includes full bibliographic information; links to further resources, such as full reproductions, may be provided depending on the host institution.

The consortium members are the Archive of Popular American Music at the University of California, Los Angeles; IN Harmony: Sheet Music from Indiana at Indiana University; the Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music at Johns Hopkins University; and the Historic American Sheet Music collection at Duke University.

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Petrucci Music Library

Founded in 2006, the International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP) hosts the Petrucci Music Library, a free wiki-based source for public-domain scores.

The library, which is named for the innovative music printer Ottaviano Petrucci (1466–1539), mainly comprises scans of music editions whose copyright has expired; it also welcomes scores by contemporary composers who are willing to license their works without charge.

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Concertina library

Concertina library: Digital reference collection for concertinas is an online collection of English, Anglo, and duet concertina resources, with entries ranging from research-based articles to instruction manuals, sheet music, and organological studies. Created by the computer scientist and concertina player Robert Gaskins, the library aims to compile and index all of the writings by leading authors on concertina matters, making them available to the public for free.

Above: Marie Lachenal with her concertina, ca. 1885.

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