Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale (RILM) is a comprehensive bibliography of writings on music, serving the global music research community. You can learn more about us, and submit records for your own publications, at our website. You can also follow RILM on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter (Twitter handle: @RILMMusicLit.

Simply by virtue of what we do, RILM editors have a unique perspective on music literature, and we launched this blog for sharing our observations with people who find them interesting and relevant to their work. Our focus includes things of practical interest to music librarians and researchers—publication types, new periodicals, new series, resources, and so on—as well as particular writings that arouse our curiosity or make us smile. All posts have direct relationships to one or more entries in our database.

We don’t include things that typically appear on more general musicology or librarianship blogs or listservs—we want to bring you things that you might not encounter elsewhere. When we post about writings that express opinions, no RILM endorsement is implied; we simply point to things that we find useful, amusing, or thought-provoking.

Please give us your feedback!

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8 responses to “About

  1. Student

    I’m just wondering: what does ‘Bibliolore’ means?


    • “Biblio” is a prefix indicating that “book” modifies the rest of the word (e.g., bibliography) and “lore” can indicate shared knowledge (e.g., folklore); it’s a perhaps illegitimate mashup that represents this blog’s purpose–to share knowledge about interesting publications in our database.


  2. May I suggest two pieces for possible inclusion in your blog:
    on the earliest reported case of liposuction in opera history:
    on the reception of Handel’s gluttony:


  3. I just encountered your blog and find all of these articles fascinating! Thanks for the reading!


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