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Seebüller Hefte

In 2009 the Nolde Stiftung Seebüll in Neukirchen, Germany, inaugurated the series Seebüller Hefte with Volker Scherliess’s Erdmann und Nolde, which documents the friendship between the artist Emil Nolde and the pianist Eduard Erdmann (1896–1958). The foundation’s museum occupies the house that Nolde designed for himself in 1927; it is now devoted to exhibitions of his works.

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Rāgamālā paintings


Rāgamālā painting is a form of iconography that arose around 1600 in northern India.

These visual depictions of rāgas involve the various extramusical associations that theorists have assigned to them; for example, this visualization of the Hindustani rāg bhairavī from about 1610 depicts women worshiping at a shrine to Śiva, embodying the rāga’s association with both Śiva and feminine energy, and evoking the colors of its traditional early-morning context.

Below, the śahnāī player Bismillāh Khān (1915–2006) renders rāg bhairavī.

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