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Insects in rock and roll cover art

Insects in rock ’n’ roll cover art is an article by Joseph R. Coelho, who teaches in the Biology Program at Quincy University. The article, which can be read online here, was published in American entomologist (L/3 [fall 2004] pp. … Continue reading


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Béla Bartók, entomologist

Béla Bartók is renowned as one of the twentieth century’s greatest composers and as one of the founders of ethnomusicology. Less known is his love of animals, particularly his fascination with insects. When he was a child he bred silkworms, … Continue reading


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Non-insect arthropods in popular music

  The occurrence of non-insect arthropods in popular music illuminates human attitudes toward these species, especially as compared to insects. Crustaceans are the most commonly referenced taxonomic group in artist names, album titles, and cover art, followed by spiders and … Continue reading

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Madrigals and bees

Many are the creatures of the air, water, and earth that inhabit the verses of Italian madrigals, sonnets, and canzoni. The poets of the 16th and 17th centuries—Torquato Tasso, Giovanni Battista Guarini, and Giambattista Marino, to mention the most famous—found … Continue reading

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Bug music

The sounds produced by cicadas and other humming, clicking, or thrumming insects may be the basis for human rhythm, synchronization, and dance. Fruitful areas of study include the acoustics of insect sounds, the imitation of insects and theme of insects … Continue reading

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Bumble boogie

Bee imagery has long been a prominent element in song titles and lyrics. Bumble boogie: 100 years of bee imagery in American sound recordings—A discography by William L. Schurk and B. Lee Cooper (Popular music and society XXXIV/4 [October 2011] … Continue reading

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