The astrology of pop


Popular  music underwent a profound transformation during the period between 1954 and 1969; this change can be understood through the prism of the extraordinary planetary position of February 1962, which some call the Age of Aquarius.

The seven inner planets formed a stellium (multiple conjunction of planets) in Aquarius at the time of a total solar eclipse. Opposite the stellium was Uranus, approaching its half-cycle with Jupiter on 14 March 1962 (above left; click to enlarge).

A chart for the Woodstock Festival (above right) has the Jupiter–Uranus connection writ large, with airy ideals in Libra. Its Sun–Neptune square is both idealistic and druggy.

This according to “The astrology of pop” by Neil Spencel (The mountain astrologer XXVII/3 [April–May 2014] pp. 25–33. Below, the cast of the 2009 Broadway revival of Hair elaborates.

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