Evental aesthetics

eventual aesthetics

Launched in 2012, Evental aesthetics is an independent, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to philosophical perspectives on art and aesthetics.

Publishing three times each year, the journal invites experimental and traditional philosophical ideas on questions pertaining to every form of art, as well as to aesthetic issues in the non-artworld, such as everyday aesthetics and environmental aesthetics.  Each installment of the journal reflects on specific, but broadly defined, aesthetic issues.

This publication is entirely independent and unaffiliated with any institution, and therefore is unimpeded by political or financial agendas. As a non-profit organization, Evental aesthetics operates completely without funding or advertising. The journal is open-access, available for download free of charge.

The first issue includes the music-related article “Hegel’s being-fluid in Corregidora, blues, and (post-) black aesthetics” by Mandy-Suzanne Wong; the full text is here.

Below, John Lee Hooker presents a fine example of blues philosophy.


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  1. Dear RILM blog,

    Thank you very much for this citation. We would like to correct the name of the journal: it’s
    *Evental* Aesthetics, rather than Eventual.

    We appreciate your attention to this.

    Kind regards,

    The editors of Evental Aesthetics

    • Oh dear, that’s a big, embarrassing mistake! It’s fixed now, and fortunately the mistake was only in this post, not in our database.

      Many thanks for pointing this out, and doing it so kindly!