Menotti’s multiculturalism

In The saint of Bleecker Street, which earned Menotti the 1955 Pulitzer Prize and New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award, the microcosm of Little Italy suggests a new reflection on questions of difference and integration, with connections to metaphysical and religious ideas. As a metaphor for American society, the opera symbolizes all multicultural societies and reveals the polysemic character of Menotti’s works.

This according to “Immigration, différence et intégration dans The consul et The saint of Bleecker Street de Gian Carlo Menotti” by Walter Zidaric (La revue LISA/LISA e-journal II/3 [2004] pp. 188–200).

Today is Menotti’s 100th birthday! Above, the 2011 Dicapo Opera production of The saint of Bleecker Street; below, the opera’s finale from New York City Opera’s 1978 production.

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