Metal music studies


In October 2014 Intellect launched Metal music studies, a journal that aims to provide an intellectual hub for the International Society of Metal Music Studies and a vehicle to promote the development of metal music studies.

This new journal presents research and theory in a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary subject field that engages with a range of parent disciplines, including—but not limited to—sociology, musicology, humanities, cultural studies, geography, philosophy, psychology, history, and the natural sciences.

Below, Metallica’s Enter sandman, one of the songs discussed in the inaugural issue.

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  1. Anthony Rodgers

    Recognizing the rhythm and intervals of metal music is my new challenge. I’m in ear training phase and instantly try to recognize the music and play it. My teacher, Scot Edwards at Ear Training HQ, have given me this task as a challenge and I’ll try my best to complete it.