Coloratura tuba

Much vocal music has been transcribed for tuba, but little is available for advanced-level players. Coloratura opera arias offer material that would be challenging for more experienced tubists, and these types of arias are much less text-dependent than other kinds of vocal music.

This according to Guidelines for transcribing coloratura opera arias for tuba, with transcriptions of three arias by Vivaldi, Gluck, and Delibes by Robert Lynn, a 2005 dissertation for Ball State University.

Above, a performance by TubaDiva (Jennifer Paradis-Hagar); below, Alessandro Fossi performs Musetta’s aria “Quando me’n vo” from Puccini’s La Bohème.


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  1. Jennifer Paradis-Hagar

    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you … Jennifer, please. (Like people will be confused.)

    I’m afraid I’m not famous as much as infamous … or perhaps notorious. 🙂

    And thanks — hey, I need to talk to you about a point of tuba history, where/when is best? Email works too, it doesn’t have to be in public.

  2. We found it because you’re so famous! And we had the idea to Google “Tuba Diva” when we were putting this post together.

    As far as we can tell the dissertation is only available online from University Microfilms, and there’s a fee unless you belong to a subscribing institution.

    Would you prefer to have us call you Jennifer instead of Jenny?

    Best wishes!

  3. Jennifer Paradis-Hagar

    Wow, I’m flattered that you would use this photo — how on earth did you find it? 🙂 AND I’d love to read that dissertation, is it available online? Thanks. Jennifer Paradis-Hagar (your humble TubaDiva)