La revue musicale

Founded in 1920 by the musicologist Henry Prunières (1886–1942), La revue musicale aimed to support the profound changes taking place in music at that time while simultaneously inspiring a love for the music of the past.

Eschewing the intransigent nationalism that marked French music before World War I, the journal became a beacon for a segment of the European musical milieu that might well have disappeared in its wake; but after 20 years of methodically constructing a new music firmly grounded in its attachment to the classicism of the Enlightenment, the events of World War II permanently extinguished its flame.

This according to “La revue musicale (1920–40) and the founding of a modern music” by Michel Duchesneau, an essay included in our recently published Music’s intellectual history. Two other articles in the volume explore further aspects of this journal: “Towards a topology of aesthetic discussion contained in La revue musicale of the 1920s” by Danick Trottier and “Dance in Henry Prunières’s La revue musicale (1920–40): Between the early and the modern” by Marie-Noëlle Lavoie.

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