Pink Martini, seriously anti-serious


Mixing eras, cultures, and attitudes with trademark panache, Pink Martini offers joyous music in trying times.

Onstage, Pink Martini puts across a camp, seriously anti-serious aesthetic with over-the-top lush arrangements, sing-alongs, and conga lines.

The group’s 2013 album Get happy comprises 16 songs in 9 languages, and most of the tracks run deeper than they first let on.

This according to “Reimagining the past” by Zach Hindin (JazzTimes XLIII/10 [December 2013] pp. 11–12). Below, ¿Donde estas, Yolanda? featuring China Forbes, live in 2006.

BONUS: You want the whole concert? Sure! Don’t miss the dancers at the end!

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