The symphonic repertoire

Indiana University Press launched the series The symphonic repertoire in 2002, with volume 2. Subsequently production was stalled following the death of the founder of the series, A. Peter Brown; it was revived in 2012.

For Volume 1, The Eighteenth-Century Symphony, 22 of Brown’s former students and colleagues collaborated to complete the work that he began on this critical period of development in symphonic history. The book follows Brown’s outline, is organized by country, and focuses on major composers.

Contributors address issues of historiography, the status of research, and questions of attribution and stylistic traits, and provide background material on the musical context of composition and early performances. The volume features a CD of recordings from the Bloomington Early Music Festival Orchestra, highlighting the largely unavailable repertoire discussed in the book.

Below, the Amadeus Orchestra performs a symphony by the little-known Czech composer Johann Baptist Vanhal (1739–1813).

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