Hjerterne opad

Mod lyset

In 2014 Taarnborg inaugurated the series Hjerterne opad with Mod lyset: Rued Langgaard, musikken og symbolismen by Esben Tange.

The book discusses how The Danish composer Rued Langgaard was very much fascinated by light, which runs as an important theme in his life and production. It is especially expressed in his symphony no. 1 (Klippepastoraler). In the symphony no. 10 (Hin torden-bolig) and symphony no. 12 (Helsingeborg), light is linked to its contrast–darkness–and in his last symphony, no. 16 (Syndflod af Sol), Langgaard makes the divine light shine through the music.

Below, a performance of Langgaard’s 16th symphony.

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