Robert Garfias: Ethnomusicology

Robert Garfias: Ethnomusicology is an open-access collection of the digitized field recordings and films of the ethnomusicologist Robert Garfias (b.1932). Over a career spanning nearly seven decades, Garfias has documented musical traditions in Afghanistan, Alaska, Arizona, China, Burma, North and South India, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Nubia, The Philippines, Romania, Sweden, Turkey, and Zimbabwe—a strikingly broad range of study.

Above, Garfias records Burmese musicians in 1973; below, one of his 1970 films of the Nubian `ūd player Hamza el Din.

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7 responses to “Robert Garfias: Ethnomusicology

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  2. Alan Knight

    Good work. James.


  3. Roberto Garfias: criticado en un momento por los nacionalistas por no concetrarse sólo en México y AL, y ahora valorado por tener una visión amplia. Amigo de la familia y ejemplo a seguir.


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